Friday, May 31, 2019


     My new book, THE MOUSE WHO DANCED THE HORA, will be out in September.  It's about a mouse, Tillie Mouscovitz, who longs to dance the hora at a wedding. "But for a mouse - it's not".

     The other day, I had an inspiration about what led me to write this story. I realized that it stemmed from the times I assisted my husband when he photographed weddings and bar/bat mitzvah celebrations. My husband is a professional event photographer. I often went with him, even though sometimes my only task was to watch his equipment. (All of his camera equipment was once stolen from a major San Francisco hotel while he was photographing in a different room). Like Tillie, I was an observer at these events, standing on the sidelines. My husband was busy taking pictures, and the guests were busy dancing.

      It is really hard for a Jewish person not to join in when she hears the music and sees others dancing the hora!

     Actually, the hora is not the only dance which is second nature to me. While waiting in line to order a hot dog at the San Jose Giants game on Memorial Day, I heard the Hokey Pokey being played in the stadium. Of course I put my right foot in and right foot out while waiting in line. I couldn't help it.

     Could you?