Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Don't Sneeze At the Wedding

     My new book, Don't Sneeze At the Wedding, is officially published! It tells the story of a little girl, Anna, who is going to be the flower girl at her Aunt Rachel's wedding. On the morning of the wedding she wakes up with an - "Ah-Choo"! "Please don't sneeze at the wedding", her mother and father tell her. They, along with everyone else involved in the wedding preparations, tell her tips about stopping a sneeze. She makes it through most of the ceremony without sneezing, but just as the groom is about to step on the glass, a Jewish wedding tradition, Anna sneezes! Fortunately, the sound of the breaking glass and the guests cheers drown out the sound of her sneeze.

      Coincidentally, my daughter was married this May. Here are pictures of Rebecca and Jared at their wedding, just as Jared is about to step on the glass.


Mazel Tov!